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What to Expect?

We block off two hours on our calendar for your planning session. Please plan to be here for the full two hours so that you can get the most out of your planning session. If this will not be possible during the time you scheduled, please give us a call so we can reschedule.

I will expect to meet with you and anyone else you will be planning with such as your spouse or your life partner. Please make sure all parties will be available during the meeting time so that you can make the most of your planning session.

Your meeting will begin with me sharing some of my background and histories. We’ll then walk through “what would happen” if something were to happen to you now. You’ll let me know if “what would happen” is okay with you or not. If it’s not, I will help you design a plan to ensure your family will have as little to worry about as possible if something happens to you.

How to Prepare for Your Planning Session

You will get the most out of your personal planning session if you are prepared.

First, you will want to complete the questionnaire worksheet for your status either single or couple.

Click on Questionnaire for Singles (not married) to download the PDF file

Click on Questionnaire for Couples (married) to download the PDF file

Complete the worksheet as best you can. Don’t worry if you don’t know all the details we’ve asked for, it’s a great starting point for you to get your affairs organized. We realize that for many people this is a starting point. The planning process is extremely helpful in that regard. We are going to make the organization even easier for you after you meet with us. Please return your worksheet at least one week before your scheduled meeting so we will have an opportunity to thoroughly review your worksheet and will be ready to advise you when you come for your meeting.

Next, you will want to begin gathering bank account statements, brokerage statements, deeds, life insurance information, corporate records books (if you are a business owner), and retirement plan statements. Don’t worry if you can’t find everything. Again, this is just a starting point and we will help you gather everything you need throughout our process.

Now would also be a good time to request beneficiary designation change forms from your insurance company, custodian of your retirement account, or from your HR department if you have work-related benefits. While you won’t need those right away, you will need them eventually and start now can’t hurt.

If you have any trouble gathering any of this information, do not hesitate to give us a call … we’re here to help.



Our law firm’s primary goal is to protect your future and loved ones through thoughtful planning. What makes our firm different is that we are here not just to create a set of documents you will likely never update or look at again, we are here to ensure your loved ones have someone to turn to when you are no longer here.

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